Precision recognizes that every negligence lawsuit is unique with its own set of circumstances, facts and issues. At Precision, all medical records undergo a thorough review which culminates in a report that summarizes the records in an easy format; either narrative, time-line chronology or a combination of both. The last section of each summary includes an appraisal of the strengths and weaknesses of the case as well as identifying areas that need further development or clarification.Supplying medical research is an integral part of case support and may entail defining terms, describing medical procedures and disease processes or finding applicable standards of care. Precision prides itself on researching medical issues and educating attorneys on the medicine involved in each case.There are other aspects of litigation support that Precision can assist you with such as organizing the medical records, exploring areas for deposition questions, abstracting deposition transcripts, attending and reporting on IMEs, locating and conferring with experts for trial, organizing and overseeing the production of trial exhibits and offering trial support.

Precision assists attorneys by:

  • Summarizing and analyzing medical records
  • Preparing chronologies of medical events and correlating them to the allegations
  • Organizing medical records and other medically-related litigation materials
  • Educating attorneys regarding medical facts and issues related to a case or claim
  • Researching applicable literature, standards of care, guidelines, principles and practices and summarizing the research
  • Screening for record tampering
  • Evaluating the possible breach of duty on the part of the healthcare practitioner or facility
  • Preparing or obtaining trial exhibits
  • Assessing issues of damage and causation
  • Identifying and retaining expert witnesses
  • Identifying missing records
  • Developing collaborative case strategies with those practicing within the legal system
  • Providing support during discovery, depositions, trial and other legal proceedings
  • Attending and reporting on IME sessions
  • Handling multiple plaintiff cases

Practice areas:

  • Medical malpractice
  • Personal injury
  • Product liability
  • Toxic torts
  • Multiple plaintiff-litigation
  • Criminal (DUI/DWI)